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Mystery:  3rd Person --Irish M/M/F Dialogue

Thriller: 3rd Person -- Adult/Child Dialogue

Fiction:  3rd Person --PA Dutch F/F/M Dialogue

Women's Fiction:  1st Person -- Child F/F/M

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Tobi is a voice actor with a warm, gentle, engaging, conversational, authoritative and sophisticated voice.  She utilizes her extensive acting experience and is able to perform with professional ease.  Tobi has a love of the audiobook process and has completed more than 30 titles to-date.  She continues to record in her Florida home studio and although she favors Drama, Mystery/Suspense and Biographies, Tobi enjoys performing across many other fiction and non-fiction genres.

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"Thank you, Tobi!  I loved the finished product! Thank you so much for working with me and bringing this to life! I❤️ it!"

Sara Harris, Author


Memoir: 1st Person

Biography:  3rd Person